Δευτέρα 11 Ιουνίου 2018

Summer on the Greek Islands

The Greek islands are known for their numerous traditions and their charming nature. Small or big, cosmopolitan or traditional, each one of them has something special to offer you. Book your flight and have a memorable vacation on your island(s) of choice.

Sail the Greek Seas

Discovering the islands by boat is a must. Either you set sail with your own boat or rent one out, with or without a professional crew, an island hopping adventure will delight you. Head for the sunbathed CycladesIslands with their remarkable white and blue colours or explore the Ionian Islands that dot a usually calm turquoise-coloured sea.
Looking for some private moments? A trip by boat might be just what you’re looking for! Drop your anchor in secluded bays, enjoy serene beaches and coves, breathe in the fresh salty air, bask in the sunshine and marvel at the clear starlit skies at night next to your better half.
If you are more into luxury holidays, a cruise to the Greek islands is an ideal option. You’ll get acquainted with the dazzling Cyclades and the Argosaronic Islands. Every port you’ll reach is a chance to visit significant archaeological sites, monuments, historic sacred sites, interesting museums and traditional villages.

Upbeat or Laid Back Moments?

A number of Greek islands, besides having meandering beaches and magnificent landscapes, offer a buzzingnightlife. Set your “party mood” to “on” and head to Ios and Paros Islands for their trendy nights or to Mykonos for its jet set atmosphere, where you’ll stay up all night having fun with friends.
Then again if you are more into exploring Greek customs, watch the celebrations of the day of Dormitionof the Mother of God, held on the 15th of August (Dekapentavgousto in Greek), where you’ll get the feel of a true island fiesta. The festival is usually carried out in the churchyard or in the village square, where abundant quantities of traditional dishes and table wine are served, while folk music plays on. The festivities include folk dancing with different dances being performed on each island. It is the biggest traditional festival for the whole summer!
If you are in search of peace and quiet, we’ve got just the right places for you. The Minor Cyclades, the northeast Aegean IslandsIkaria Island, Kythnos Island, Alonissos in the Sporades Islands, Ithaca – the island of king Odysseus (a.k.a. Ulysses), Kythira and Patmos (also called the Holy Island as the Cave of the Apocalypse is located there) promise a serene break from all the hustle and bustle you’ve been meaning to escape from!

Action Packed Holidays

Are you the type of person that wants to experience an adrenaline rush? If yes, try the following:
Climb the steep hills on Kalymnos Island: over 70 fields await you; just choose the ones suitable to your level and explore this climber’s heaven.
- Go windsurfing and kitesurfing at: Myloi and Vasiliki on Lefkada Island; Pounda and Chrysi Akti on Paros Island; Prasonisi on Rhodes Island; Mylopota on Ios Island; Kalafatis and Korfos on Mykonos Island.
Dive into impressive underwater paradises: 2,000 diving spots, 150 well-known and accessible wreckages, ancient towns lying on the bottom of the sea, and numerous underwater caves are there for you to explore them.
Cross the Gorges of Crete. Samaria, Aradaina, Agia Eirini, Kourtaliotis, Rouvas, Ha, Therisos, Agiofarago are just some of our suggestions.

Oscar Winning Beaches

Endless coastline and charming seashores “flirt” with the pristine waters of the Greek Seas. This fascinating country with crystal clear blue waters, pebbly or sandy beaches, unique landscapes and a remarkable historyis ready to offer you unforgettable moments of joy and relaxation. The beaches you shouldn’t miss on some of our Islands are: Falasarna, Elafonisi, Balos and Matala on Crete; Lalaria on Skiathos Island; Super Paradise on Mykonos Island; Mavra Volia on Chios Island; Red Beach (Kokkini Paralia) on Santorini Island; Pori on Koufonisia Islands; Voutoumi on Antipaxos Island; Porto Katsiki on Lefkada Island; Canal d’Amour on Corfu Island; Myrtos on Kefalonia Island; Navagio on Zante (a.k.a. Zakynthos Island); Sarakiniko on Milos Islandand Kolympithres on Paros Island.

Summer Flavours

In summer, Greek dishes are filled with the aromas of fresh herbs and vegetables cooked in virgin olive oil, savoury appetizers and refreshing salads. Fresh fish, squid, octopus, seafood (mussels, oysters, scallops, sea urchins and more, some eaten raw and sprinkled with lemon), shrimps fried or cooked in a savoury tomato sauce and more are served as meze (tidbits) that will accompany your ouzo drink.
Ladera (meaning olive oil based dishes) are a must taste summer food category. Enjoy zucchinis, aubergines and peppers in a delicious briam (vegetable bake recipe) or mousaka. Taste gemista – a very popular dish of Greek vegetables stuffed with rice and herbs, (sometimes also stuffed with rice and minced meat) and garnished with potatoes.
Salad is served as a side dish with every Greek meal. Choriatiki is the most popular salad of all; juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, spicy onions, olives and feta cheese are sprinkled with olive oil and dried oregano, making it a nutritious and hearty meal by itself. Greeks are fond of this salad; they tend to dunk their bread in the juice calling it a “vouta” (meaning dive). Go ahead and “vouta” your bread!
Last but not least savour healthy boiled greens (horta vrasta in Greek), such as leafy vlita (amaranthus blitum) or ampelofasoula (type of green bean), sprinkled with olive oil and vinegar or lemon. Bon Appétit!